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Elia Woods: Artist Statement


Paying attention to what we eat is a revolutionary act. As a gardener, I have the once-common experience of getting to know my food from seed to harvest. As an artist, I visually explore these foods and the connections between food, community, consumerism and spiritual sustenance. My primary medium is photography on cloth. My current series of photo quilts, "Vegetable Prayers", pays visual homage to the beauty and diversity of the vegetable world. I also create three-dimensional photo/fiber constructions on layers of silk organdy which allow the viewer to see, and see through, different images at the same time.

What we eat has profound implications for our own health and the health of the planet. With this body of work, I invite the viewer to consider the nature and quality of our food, where it comes from, and our relationship to it.


Elia Woods
P.O. Box 60803 
Oklahoma City, OK 73146  elia@eliawoods.com